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Case Studies

   The Five Keys

1. No Fauilt, Guilt or Blame

2. Upfront Accountability

3. Results not Task

4. Self Empowerment

5. Clear SMART Agreements

The Five Keys, when mastered, enable all employees to work more productively each day. Read the case studies to see a small shift in accountability mindset can accomplish.


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Linda Galindo creator of the Accountability Assessment

Linda opened our eyes a number of years ago to our own personal accountability and to how to enable others to better engage life personally and professionally. She is a sought after speaker, author and consultant. You can read her blog at LindaGalindo.com

Thanks Linda!

The New Accountability

 The New Accountability is accountability without "Fault, Guilt or Blame". Each of us has available to us a measure of accountability that we do not even realize we have. Using the Versera Accountability Assessment individuals and organizations discover how much accountability they have available and how to take advantage of that accountability to create:

  •   Increased Productivity and Return on Investment         
  •   Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  •   Reduced Expenses
  •   Greater Job Satisfaction         
  •   Employee Engagement and Empowerment
  •   Improved Marketing Perception


Organizations who apply The New Accountability solve workplace problems of:

  • An absence of upfront accountabiity for results
  • The "not my job syndrome"
  • Improvements that start and stop, lack of sustainability
  • Lack of decision making by the people closest to the problem
  • Chronic low performance
  • Poor communication

Our Three Step Improvement Process

Our process yields results within the first 30 days and grows to a solid foundation that is continually improving results within 90 days.


  We first enable the individuals and the organization to see their available accountability. We each have a greater measure of accountability available toarrow pointing to right arc use that we have never realized. Our process discovers and leverages that accountability to achieve greater results. The Accountability Assessment allows the individual to visualize and understand their accountability in ways that lead each individual to a higher level of performance.

We create an Organization Accountability Assessment of individual and organization mindsets for accountability. Our Accountability Assessment is a fully validated and proven tool for measuring individual mindsets for accountability. There is no other tool for measuring accountability in the marketplace. The power of the data from the assessment creates the path for measurable outcomes from the program.

Shift Mindset

Following the assessment, we shift mindset. Leaders and employee participate in The Accountability Experience workshop, built on a proven learning model that not only teaches accountability concepts, but forever drastically alters participants' mindsets. We know that accountability begins with mindset or attitude.

Attitudes - Choices - Behaviors - Performance - Results

The Accountability Experience workshop shifts how the individual understands accountability and applies an expanded mindset for personal responsibility, empowerment and accountability. With a shifted mindset increased accountability becomes desirable by emphasizing our Five Keys of No Fault, Guilt or Blame, Upfront Accountability, Results vs. Tasks, Self-empowerment and Clear SMART Agreements. The workshop provides tools for ready application. A new language for accountabilty is provided with definitions for Responsibility, Empowerment and Accountability that work.


We utilize a carefully designed set of steps to operationalize accountability within an organization. These include but are not limited to:

  • Coaching for leadership in the application of their assessment results to their work and the application of the tools of accountability with their employees.
  • Application of the Accountability Matix to guide and measure key components of improved accountability that include empowerment, communication excellence, clear agreements,  the elimination of Fault, Guilt and Blame language and a focus on results vs. tasks.
  • Working with departments in various ways changes to processes that will increase access to information so that individuals can solve problems closer to the issue and make decisions.
  • Having managers implement and model an improved set of behaviors for accountability that employees will readily pick up on and implement themselves.
  • Meetings will be assessed for their effectiveness and altered to be more effective.
  • Identifying of current productivity measures that are lagging and working with the employees to take corrective action through Clear SMART Agreements.