Case Studies and Testimonials

The ProThink Solutions "New Accountability" process results in changes to how people "work on their work" that delivers greater productivity, job satisfaction and employee engagement.

The New Accountability eliminates  "not my job" thinking and behavior. The following are examples of the impact the process is having on indivduals and their organizations.

Centrifugal Services Inc.

Case Study and Testimonials

Centrifugal Services Inc. (CSI) is a manufacuter of centrifuges and heavy equipment for the coal and oil industries. CSI is a divsion of the Elgin Equipment Group. In the fall of 2009 CSI began its work to improve performance through improved accountability within the organization starting with the leadership group. Within 90 days the following changes had emerged within the CSI daily operation.

1.  Communication has improved, eliminating wasted time and effort and creating better execution on many levels. This has been the result of the language of accountability becoming common place among the leadership group and was extending out to others in the operation. Clear SMART Agreements both verbal and written are common place.

2. The weekly production meeting has become more productive. The meeting is now "owned by the team" and not a single individual. The format has been changed significantly with better data being brought to the meeting. All team members are accountable for providing solid data and information.

3. Workgroups were created to streamline and solidify two processes in materials ordering and management. Electronic forms are now used eliminating significant communication gaps, wasted time and effort.

4. The year end inventory process was completed in less than the time allocated and achieved a more accurate count. This was achieved through clear agreements. Estimated labor savings of $2000.00.

Dale Martin
Centrifugal Services Inc.
Raleigh Il.
A divison of Elgin National Industries

Testimonials from CSI

Centrifugal and Mechanical Industries

I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction, which is not true with all programs I have been involved with, in your “New Accountability” workshop and subsequent follow-up visits. I especially valued our one-on-one time and the individual ideas/solutions we achieved.

I have become more directed and effective when writing all correspondence. I am also holding my entire direct subordinates to be more accountable and imparting the stakes and benefits for any directive given.

I would recommend your program to any firm desiring to become a more focused and better communicating business.

Arlen Lattina
Sales Manager
Centrifugal and Mechanical Industries
Division of Elgin National Industries

Great Miami Valley YMCA

Our YMCA recently had the opportunity to participate in the New Accountability training process with our management team.  I have participated in several trainings during my 30 years of service with the YMCA and this was by far the BEST training I have ever attended.  Along with the excellent materials provided at the workshop, we also received follow up sessions with our trainers, both 1:1 and in small groups.  This follow up enabled the changes to happen. I was able to see immediate change in the culture of our organization!   

Through using the tools provided in this training, we were able to establish
clear agreements right away within our work and home lives, we are more
productive in the work place in a variety of ways.  I have found that focusing on the main objective of Excellent Membership Experience, I am able to stream line meetings and cut down on non essential items.  Also by including action items in meeting minutes, we never lose track of what, who, where, when and how we agreed to follow up on various items. We quickly run through the status on each action item at the end of each meeting, which saves me a huge amount of time on following up with individuals on the status of each task. We have Clear Agreements that people live to.

Another win for our association has been watching our management team members who would normally avoid conflict, now use what they learned to tackle these conflicts head on.  No longer taking issues personally, and measuring it through the prism of excellent member experience.  

We have a large community wide event coming up in a week, called Activate Butler County, which has been greatly impacted by participating in this training.  Prior to the training, we lacked real focus and direction.  We had no clear agreements on who was handling each piece of this very large event.  Following our training, we were able to make sure each agenda always went out at least 24 hours prior to our Friday morning meetings, so that participants would be prepared to cover each agenda item. We would also review the action items to make sure we were prepared for the big day!  We have a few days to go, weather permitting, we hope to have a very successful event, thanks to the increased personal accountability amongst our management team!

I believe that engaging the top leadership, as well as using Excellent Member Experience as the prism in which we make all decisions has been extremely helpful in strengthening our personal accountability.

Karen Staley
Chief Operating Officer
Great Miami Valley YMCA
Hamilton, OH

Process Testimonial

"The workshop really opened by eyes to what accountability is all about.  I have been able to incorporate the New Accountability Experience principles into my everyday interactions with others on the job as well as at home.  The tools are very straight forward to use and I have found that just explaining the mindset to others when conflict arises oftentimes brings us back to an awareness that we are all accountable for our success. The first week alone I had conversations with two people, where I explained the 100/0 mindset and stressed what we all stand to gain from coming to a clear agreement and where each person’s accountability lies by focusing on what success looks like. We were able to move forward more productively with a clear agreement".

Lee Ann Shivener
Director of HR and Organization Development
US Playing Card and Jardin Entertainment Group


"The assessment results and personal coaching report are helpful diagnostic tools and are the perfect compliments to the excellent Accountability Workshop experience”

Dwight Dinsmore
Manager Learning and Development
Miller Coors