About Us

ProThink Solutions is a partnership of seasoned professionals spanning many decades of experience, having worked in a variety of industries (chemical, manufacturing, healthcare, service, education) and areas of expertise (talent management, executive coaching, sales, marketing, training and development, human resource development).
We provide to our clients the ability to improve their operations by improving the accountability of the individuals and, collectively, the organization. We have a set of tools to provide this improvement directly and to support employee needs as they reach new heights in accountability. Our key focus areas are accountability, responsibility, engagement and empowerment for employees and leadership, increased return on investments, strategic planning, and team building.

Jennifer Pope Moore Jennifer Pope Moore

Jennifer is a creative, high-energy HR Professional with demonstrated strength in Strategy, Leadership and Teams. She is a successful risk-taker, system's thinker and planned change champion supported by a Master's Degree. Highly confident with proven relationship-building skills reinforced by exceptional rapport development, she has a quick-witted approach to influencing and a reputation for consistently producing outstanding results.

Robert Sutton Robert Sutton

Bob is a highly effective consultant, change agent and facilitator. His work with organizations improves individual, team and departmental execution of strategies and goals.

Over his 16 years of experience he has worked with business teams, management and leadership teams to improve their business outcomes by improving their execution. He has designed and conducted projects on teamwork, leadership, safety, quality processes, conflict resolution, diversity, accountability and experiential learning.

Marcia Trokhan Marcia Trokhan

Marcia is a business consultant with over thirty years of experience in training, group facilitation, and program development.   Starting her career as a Business Education Teacher in Pennsylvania, Marcia and her husband have been in the Cincinnati area since 1972.