ProThink Solutions brings to individuals and organizations a set of initiatives and services that improve individual, team and organization effectiveness.

We are talented, passionate and committed. 

We like our tag line "Transformation through the lens of Accountability". 

We believe that accountability or personal and professional ownership is a foundational process and value for everything that we do. High accountability thinking and practices improve teamwork and communication, leadership and management. The results show up in what we do each day. All of our work at ProThink Solutions strives to have individuals see their thinking and behavior through "the lens of accountability".

Our Services cover a broad range of organization development and change areas. We seek to have each piece of work we do for you and your organization produce positive, lasting results.

Jennifer Pope Moore, Bob Sutton and Marcia Trokhan invite you to let us help you and your organization to achieve so much more than you could before, to transform your performance in small but significant ways.